Mud Logging
                  Mud Logging
                  Intelligent Software System, cloud platform, mud logging solutions
                  Provide drilling parameters monitoring and formation evaluations.
                  Shanghai Shenkai Petroleum Science & Technology Co., Ltd
                  Shanghai Shenkai Petroleum Science & Technology Co., Ltd
                  Shenkai Petroleum Science & Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Shenkai Petroleum & Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., and also a national little giant enterprise characterized by "expertise, precision, specialty, and innovation" and a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. It holds more than 100 patented technologies and software copyrights, with more than 10 products such as the "SK-CMS comprehensive mud logging instrument" winning the title of national key new products. There are more than 100 mud logging teams doing services in China and other countries at present, branches and offices are set in Korla city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; Jingbian city of Shanxi province; Chengdu City of Sichuan province; Pakistan; Venezuela; Iraq; Nigeria and Kuwait.
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